Sailor Moon costume, lola bunny outfit for cosplayers

Next Big Futurist article Lola Bunny costume for cosplay is one of the hottest items to wear at cosplay events, and for the first time, we have an exclusive look at it!The Sailor Moon costumes are available now at Next and the Sailor Moon Cosplay store.The Sailor moon costume can be worn by anyoneRead More

Disney costumes at $150,000 store, plus $50,000 for every 3-month anniversary

The Walt Disney Co. says it’s making some changes to its popular costumes at the Disney theme parks, including a $150-a-day, 10-day subscription option for customers with a “family or close friends” membership.Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman Kristin Williams said on Friday that Disney employees have been asked to buy their costumes at participating stores.DisneyRead More