I found a Halloween costume store near the mall!

Posted October 19, 2018 07:00:15I found a costume store in a mall near the Sears store.It was a little bit hard to find the location because I’m from Canada and there are some weird restrictions on where I can buy costumes, but it was really fun to see the Halloween costumes.There was a lot ofRead More

How to Make a Halloween Costume: 4 DIY Steps

When I was little, my family bought Halloween costumes.There were a few reasons for that, but the biggest was because it was a fun, and for me, a good, party time.I was the only kid in the family, and my mother was a total masochist.My brother and I were the first ones to go toRead More

Disney costumes at $150,000 store, plus $50,000 for every 3-month anniversary

The Walt Disney Co. says it’s making some changes to its popular costumes at the Disney theme parks, including a $150-a-day, 10-day subscription option for customers with a “family or close friends” membership.Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman Kristin Williams said on Friday that Disney employees have been asked to buy their costumes at participating stores.DisneyRead More