How to get a fur coat for the office

If you’re looking for a furry costume for the workplace, we’ve got you covered.The internet has been filled with photos of fur-clad workers, but they all seem to be of a malevolent kind.They’re usually posing in front of a furry cat or dog, wearing a fur mask.It’s not uncommon for them to have their furRead More

How to get rid of ‘fuzzy’ bunny costume

The bunny costume has long been the most popular fashion item for young and old.But, in recent years, it has become increasingly problematic. Fashion brands have made it more difficult to find an item that doesn’t require a mask and a wig to look like a bunny.A study by the nonprofit, Consumer Reports found that moreRead More

When does your mum go to see a ‘Ninja Costume’?

A lot of parents are asking their kids to dress up as ninja characters for Halloween, or even to dress as them on Halloween itself.But the costumes are usually pretty silly.And they can also be a bit confusing, especially if they involve the use of katanas, ninja swords and ninja masks.The word ‘ninja’ itself comesRead More

Disney costumes at $150,000 store, plus $50,000 for every 3-month anniversary

The Walt Disney Co. says it’s making some changes to its popular costumes at the Disney theme parks, including a $150-a-day, 10-day subscription option for customers with a “family or close friends” membership.Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman Kristin Williams said on Friday that Disney employees have been asked to buy their costumes at participating stores.DisneyRead More