Fortnite Halloween Costume Contest to Go Live in July 2018

Halloween costumes are finally going to be on the big screen.In celebration of the holiday season, the Fortnites are hosting the Costume Contest, which is now live on YouTube and Twitch.The contest will feature costumes from Fortnition Studios, who have also made the video game Fortnix, and the popular Fortniverse video game franchise.In the video,Read More

What’s Next for Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa’s Predator?

The first film in the Predator franchise is now set to open in theaters in late February 2018, according to the film’s website.The film, which will follow the adventures of the “Predator” team in a fictional city, was released in July 2016. In October, the film will open in select theaters across the country.The Predator franchiseRead More