How to make a unicorn costume

How to create a unicorn-themed costume: The trick is to put on a few layers of layers, including the eyes, ears, tail and wings, to make it look as if you’re wearing a unicorn mask.This makes the costume look more human, which you can achieve by using a mix of human hair, hair extensions, andRead More

Halloween costume contest wins best Halloween costume

“Best Halloween Costume Contest” is now over and the top 5 costumes from the popular Halloweens costume contest have been selected for the 2018 Hallowes Halloween Costume Awards.Here is the full list of winners and winners of the 2018 Costume Contest in celebration of Halloween:The Hallowens Halloween Costume Competition will be held October 2-4, 2019,Read More

Why does Halloween always have the same costumes?

The 2018 Halloween costumes featured mostly the same characters as last year.Some of the characters have changed, and some have stayed the same.Here are some of the most notable costumes that have changed in 2018.1.The Haunted Mansion The Haunted Muppets are back, with two of their stars.The new versions have the ghosts from the firstRead More