A photo of a Barbie costume at a local costume shop, featuring the “Playboy Bunny Costume.”

source Google Photos (United States) title See the Playboy Bunny costume on the internet?This is what it looked like on Halloween!article source BBC News (United Kingdom) title The Playboy bunny costumes are in.What about the Banana costume?article source Buzzfeed (United Arab Emirates) title What is a Banana costume like?article BBC News (United Kingdom)” article Google ImagesRead More

What the hell are Barbie and Halloween costumes?

What the heck are Barbie, Halloween and Halloween costume?I don’t know.But you do know that they have to go together.So now you know.They have to.It’s called “Barbie Halloween Costume”.It’s an annual costume celebration that takes place at the end of April.The tradition goes back for over 150 years, and has been held on the groundsRead More