A photo essay of the greatest women in WWE

FourFourSeconds ago, fourThirtyEight’s Jeff Probst tweeted an image of a photo of Emma “Hercules” Granger, the former WWE Diva and WWE Divas Champion, wearing a banana costume with a “Hera” face on it.The photo went viral, drawing a slew of comments, both positive and negative.“I love the banana,” one person wrote, “but she looks likeRead More

Is it time for a tax on petrol?

A tax on fuel, petrol-lubricants and diesel would make the Government more revenue and save the Irish economy money.The Department of Finance is considering a levy of 0.1pc on petrol, 0.5pc on diesel and 0.3pc on lorries to be introduced by 2020, in an effort to reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions.But the Government facesRead More

Which costume is the best for Dorothy?

In the 1970s, a costume for Dorothe could look anything from a black coat and vest to a white vest and a pair of high heels.A few years ago, Dorothe was more of a “dear friend” to the “dread-faced” character, which had been introduced in the 1980s by Robert Englund, a writer for The NewRead More

How to dress up like a Grim Reaper costume

Grim Reaper Costume is back!It’s fun, but it’s also a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. If you’re into Grim Reapers, you might be familiar with the character from the movie, but you’re not the only one who can get in on the fun. Check out the best Halloween costumes for everyone and be sureRead More

Which Halloween costume is best?

Pirate costumes are the ultimate Halloween costume.They’re fun, unique and make you look badass.But are they appropriate for kids?That depends on the age group you’re in.This Halloween costume guide will help you figure out which pirate costumes are best for kids.Read more:A few common costumes that are appropriate for adults, but not so great forRead More

How to get a fur coat for the office

If you’re looking for a furry costume for the workplace, we’ve got you covered.The internet has been filled with photos of fur-clad workers, but they all seem to be of a malevolent kind.They’re usually posing in front of a furry cat or dog, wearing a fur mask.It’s not uncommon for them to have their furRead More

Which Disney princess costume should you wear to Halloween?

The first thing you should know is that there is no such thing as a “Disney princess costume.”There is only a “real” Disney princess.So whether you’re a kid, a grown up, a princess or just an adult, the best place to wear your favorite Disney princess outfit to Halloween is in a Disney princess dress.YouRead More

How to get a cute costume for Halloween, from the ’90s

From the original ’90-era “The Crooked Man” theme song to the now-iconic “Fireworks Over Paris” theme, you’ll find the coolest costumes from the “90s” in this episode of “Cool Halloween.”The kids are ready for a little Halloween fun, and they’ve made up some of their own costumes for their favorite holiday events.From a Halloween costumeRead More