How to dress Kylo Ren in a Kylo costume

You can dress Kyla Ren in her iconic costume from the new Star Wars movie, but it’s not easy.The film is being filmed at the Grand Palais in Paris, and it’s being shot by renowned costume designer Renée Fleming.She has designed a series of outfits for Kylo in her signature costume, which is inspired byRead More

How to wear a greased up Grease costume

I have been dressing as a Grease character for the past few weeks.It’s been quite the experience.The costume was inspired by the Grease movie series.I love that Grease films have this great sense of humour, and I’m particularly fond of the character, who, in the film series, is called Mr Grease.What I like about GreaseRead More

Walmart Halloween Costume Contest Winners (Part 1)

Posted December 19, 2018 09:27:20The latest entry in the Halloweens costume contest is a costume featuring a woman dressed as a bunny, but that’s not the only one from Walmart that’s inspired by a real-life Halloween costume contest.This year’s winner, a “fancy bunny costume,” has been designed by the company’s “specialists in costumes, accessories, andRead More