Which Halloween costume is the most iconic?

I’ve always loved the idea of making a Halloween costume, so I figured I’d take a look at what others have been up to and why it’s so awesome.The following are costumes from my collection and some of my personal favorites. 1.Halloween Hocus Pocus costume with wingsThe costume looks like it would have been made byRead More

How to dress as a baby in Halloween costumes

A baby in a costume can be pretty scary and, well, scary for adults.But, if you have a toddler, it’s just a fun little game that will have you feeling just like a kid.The rules of this Halloween costume game are pretty simple: Put on your costume and start playing with your toddler.The rules alsoRead More

How to make a kid’s tinkerbell Halloween costume

In honor of Halloween, a few kids from around the country are making their own costumes to wear to the festivities.One of the kids, Todd Halloween, is a 3-year-old from Illinois who loves to wear her own handmade tinker-bell costume.Hallowreen says she has been dressing up since she was 4 years old, and says sheRead More