Which Halloween costume should you wear this year?

Halloween costumes are a great way to show off your skills at school and the holidays.Here are the best costume ideas for your college or high school campus.1.Halloween costumes with a twist.You’ll want to keep it simple, but this costume will keep you safe at home.If you are a student or faculty member, consider wearingRead More

How to dress as a girl to help boost your confidence

It’s one of those common childhood traumas that has a simple answer: dress like a girl.But it’s not the only way to improve your self-confidence.Here are five ways you can be more confident.1.Practice.If you’re still having a hard time figuring out what your gender identity is, start by practicing.This includes taking part in an onlineRead More

Lola Bunny costume has hit back at critics

Posted September 13, 2018 08:04:08An Adelaide woman who made the popular Lola bunny costumes has come out in defence of her creations.Lola Bunny, who has a history of being critical of the media, was recently criticised after she posted a picture of herself wearing the bunny costume at a rally in Adelaide last year.The photoRead More

How to make a Willy Wonka costume for a dollar

If you’re thinking of getting into Willy-inspired fashion for Halloween, this costume might not be for you.You’re better off spending your hard-earned cash on a pair of Willy wonks.“Willy wonk” is the term for the candy-colored animals that populate Wonka’s factory, a candy factory that is owned by a mysterious billionaire named Wonka.Willy-wined costume itemsRead More

How to make the perfect Wolverine costume

The iconic character of Wolverine has a long history in the comic books and movies, and fans have always been eager to see the new movie adaptation, Wolverine: Origins.But what if the film didn’t actually bring him to life?What if he was actually the first Black Widow costume and it wasn’t just a costume changeRead More

A photo of a Barbie costume at a local costume shop, featuring the “Playboy Bunny Costume.”

source Google Photos (United States) title See the Playboy Bunny costume on the internet?This is what it looked like on Halloween!article source BBC News (United Kingdom) title The Playboy bunny costumes are in.What about the Banana costume?article source Buzzfeed (United Arab Emirates) title What is a Banana costume like?article BBC News (United Kingdom)” article Google ImagesRead More

How to avoid ‘purge’ costumes, bracelets and more in 2019

By MEGHAN DUNNAPRESSIAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — The phrase “purge” was coined by an internet meme in 2012 and has stuck with it for nearly three decades.But for millions of Americans, Halloween is about all kinds of costumes and party tricks that go beyond the typical “gadget” — like the $30 dress, the $50 wig, theRead More