Why do pirates wear pirate costumes?

It was the summer of 1986 and the cast of The Pirates of the Caribbean was preparing for their biggest show yet.

In the midst of the Great Depression, the crew was forced to make a last-minute decision: to go home, to their hometown of San Francisco.

The plan was to film the show in their hometowns of the Bahamas and the Bahamas, which the crew decided to go to.

As the crew set sail, a huge storm had just hit the Bahamas.

After months of hard work, the ship was nearly finished when the storm swept the ship through the Caribbean Sea and it capsized in the Bahamas with the crew all lost in the water.

The crew escaped, but the ship’s captain was still on board.

While the crew searched for him, his daughter was kidnapped.

Her kidnapping was the reason the crew made the trip to San Francisco, to film The Pirates.

It was a great adventure, but in the end, it was not the life the crew wanted to live.

The film is considered the greatest pirate film ever made and was nominated for six Academy Awards.