Wonder Woman costume for men and women

If you’re like me, you’ll be having a blast dressing up as Wonder Woman this Halloween.

It’s the ultimate costume, with all the bells and whistles, but with an extra perk: you can get to wear it to your local bar instead of the costume shop. 

Wearing Wonder Woman’s costume is a popular tradition among cosplayers, with some even getting a special event pass for the occasion. 

It’s also a popular excuse for men to dress up as women, because, well, who doesn’t love a badass heroine who wears her mask all day? 

Wondering what the costume entails?

Read on to find out how to wear a Wonder Woman mask for yourself. 


What you’ll need to get started: 1) A mask with a mask cap. 

2) An adult wig. 

3) Siren head mask. 

4) Any accessories that make you stand out. 

5) Extra costume accessories, including a cape. 

6) Your favorite costume outfit. 

7) Wear your favorite costume in costume form. 

8) Put on your costume and dance. 

9) Get ready for the party! 

10) Get your costume ready for your friends and family!