Why Harry Potter is not a Halloween costume

The Dark Tower series is an iconic franchise, with fans and critics alike clamoring for more.

In the wake of the recent release of the fourth film, fans were excited for more content, new episodes and even a fourth film.

The franchise is currently running a series of mini-series, and this year they announced that they were partnering with a new adult entertainment company, Jigsaw, to produce a Harry Potter themed costume for fans. 

What makes the Harry Potter costume even better is that Jigsaw is owned by adult entertainment website JigsawGirls, and they’re offering their fans a free Halloween costume as part of their promotion. 

This is a really great opportunity for you to help Jigsaw Girls achieve its mission of helping women, girls and young women in need of emotional and financial support, according to the official press release.

 In addition to the costume, JG’s Harry Potter girls will also be offering special limited-edition products, including a custom necklace and Harry Potter hoodie. 

The promotion will run until October 31st, and the full costume can be purchased here: Harry Potter Girls Halloween Costume: Exclusive Limited Edition of Harry Potter Girls Halloween Costume  (JigsawGirls)