What’s Next for Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa’s Predator?

The first film in the Predator franchise is now set to open in theaters in late February 2018, according to the film’s website.

The film, which will follow the adventures of the “Predator” team in a fictional city, was released in July 2016. 

In October, the film will open in select theaters across the country.

The Predator franchise has also been making waves in the adult entertainment world, and now it looks like they’ll be bringing their trademark violence to the adult market as well. 

According to the website of the film, the movie will be directed by “Patton Oswalt” and will be co-starring Tom Hardy, who previously starred in the film Predator: Extinction. 

Predator is a sequel to the 1982 original film and follows the “Thing” team who investigate the disappearance of a female alien called the “Lady”.

The sequel will also feature an entirely new cast of characters, including new ones such as The Lady, who have not yet been revealed.

The sequel has been rumored to be set for a May 2019 release. 

With this new film, The Predator team will be joined by two other female characters, The Lady and The Beast, who also will be joining the Predator team. 

It has been speculated that the film would feature a female protagonist and female villains, but as it turns out, The Queen is a woman who will be the antagonist. 

The film has also attracted the interest of the female Ghostbusters cast, who were reportedly set to appear in the new film. 

As The Predator is set to hit theaters in early February 2018 (and possibly earlier), fans will be able to enjoy the film on the big screen for the first time. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly