How to Wear a Plague Doctor Costume: How to Look Like an Epidemic Doctor

A Halloween costume is a must for any plague doctor.

A full-body costume is the ideal, but there are plenty of ways to dress up to look like a doctor in the early days of the pandemic.

Here are a few ways to do that.


The First Doctor’s CostumeFirst, the Doctor’s costume is important.

There are a lot of Halloween costume ideas out there.

The classic one is a blue suit and red scarf.

Some of the more unusual ones are white gloves, a bowtie and a skull mask.

But for the first Doctor, the suit is a good idea.

As an emergency physician, you can wear the most basic of the masks.

Just be sure to get a little more serious.


The Little Doctor’s SuitIt’s not often that a costume designer will put together a costume to resemble the first-ever Doctor.

Instead, the doctor will wear a suit made for a younger man.

This is a great option for kids who want to take a step up from the old school.

Or, for a grown man who is more concerned with his personal appearance.


The Doctor’s HatThe classic look for the Doctor is a white hat.

If you are looking for something a little different, you could try out a brown hat.

It’s not as dramatic, but it will make you look more confident.


The Red DressThe Doctor is often seen wearing a red dress.

It’s an elegant, timeless costume that fits perfectly for any season.


The White MaskThe mask is the quintessential part of the Doctor.

It gives him a certain intimidating aura.

To make sure you are comfortable with your appearance, try out some white masking tape.


The Hat and CloakThe hat is one of the best accessories for a first-time Doctor.

Just be sure not to wear too much.


The Mask of FearThe most iconic of the first costume choices is the Doctor of Fear mask.

It is so iconic and so versatile that you can easily make a costume for the new Doctor. 

This mask is perfect for a scary new doctor or anyone who doesn’t like the look of the classic mask.

The mask comes with a bow tie and is very easy to make.


The Green TuxedoThe Doctor of Darkness mask is another popular option.

This mask is a classic look.


The Black Tux CoatThe Doctor looks great with a black tuxedo.


The Yellow ShirtThe classic red shirt is also a classic piece of costume.

It can also be worn as a costume with a white shirt and a tie.


The Cap The Doctor looks fantastic with a cap.


The HelmetThe classic helmet is one that many fans wear.

Try not to look too much like the classic helmet.


The HeadbandThe headband is another classic costume.


The Earrings The Doctor can wear a lot more earrings.


The Socks The classic sock has a nice, retro look.

Try it on and you will not be disappointed. 


The Tux TopsThe Tux shoes are one of our favorite options for the Halloween season. 

The classic Tux is one you can always wear.

It has a modern look, but still keeps you classy. 


The GlovesThe gloves are another one of those classic costumes.


The CapeThe cape is a perfect option for a new doctor.

It’s easy to get the look down to a science fiction or fantasy.

The cape is versatile and can be worn with a shirt or tie.19.

The Shirt and TieIf you can afford it, you might consider a hat and tie.

The hat is very versatile and looks great when worn over a coat.


The SuitThe suit is an essential part of any Doctor’s wardrobe.

It looks great paired with a red shirt and tie or over a shirt.