How to dress up your toddler’s hallowen costume

We’ve seen plenty of costumes for toddlers before, from the adorable Star Wars princesses to the kiddie pirate outfits to the adult pirate costumes.

But what if your little one has a different wardrobe?

We asked our friends over at Teen Cosplay and Teen Dress up for the full-on adventure. 

We’ve created an easy to follow guide for the whole family, and we’ve even included helpful tips for what to wear for the kids in tow. 

What to wear to a Halloween costume party:  You don’t need to wear anything to a costume party.

We’ve included a few tips to help you pick out the appropriate costume for your child.

Your child’s favourite character costume (and his/her favourite toys and toys for other kids to enjoy) can also be a big help if your child is in need of some costume inspiration.

Here are a few ways to pick out some of your favorite costume ideas: What is your favourite costume for the children?

Let us know in the comments!