‘Bombshell’ in ‘Hemlock Grove’ reveal reveals who the real hero is in ‘The Blacklist’

Written by Nick Gasson – 4 months ago – 9.25pmHemlocks are back!

On Netflix’s The Blacklist, an NYPD detective, played by Jeffrey Tambor, has to investigate a string of bombings that has left more than 200 dead.

As the show’s premiere comes to a close, we can only hope that we’ll finally get to see who is the real superhero of the Blacklist: Agent Philanthropy (Jonathan Banks), played by Emilia Clarke.

But before that, we’re joined by director Dan Fogelman, who also helmed Hemlock Grove.

Emilia, Jeffrey and Jonathan take a look back at ‘The Bricks’ and ‘The Crows’ and also what they mean to them.

The Blacklists: The Black List Netflix Original series’ Season 1 trailer.

The Backs: Emilia and Jeffrey take a tour of Hemlock’s past as well as the recent past.

The Birds: Jeffrey and Emilia discuss the importance of having an owl as a family pet.

The Cows: Jeffrey discusses the importance and potential of having a cow as a father figure.

The Claws: Jeffrey has a bit of a dilemma on the trail of a serial killer who’s been out of the picture for a while.

The Dead: Jeffrey explains the significance of having two dead bodies on the same day.

The Dolls: Jeffrey meets a beautiful girl he’s been secretly dating and asks her to help him out in finding a killer.

The Fruits: Jeffrey tries to keep his best friend from getting murdered.

The Future: Jeffrey gets his girlfriend pregnant and finds himself in a very dangerous situation.

The Blacklists Season 1 Trailer.

The Dogs: Jeffrey tells his mother he has a new baby.

The Goats: Jeffrey makes the best of a bad situation.

The Greenhouse: Jeffrey works at the zoo and discovers a new species of fungus.

The Hand: Jeffrey takes a look at his own past as he works to find a cure.

The Hoosiers: Jeffrey investigates a serial murderer who is out of town and is out to make a killing.

The Hunt: Jeffrey finds himself on the run.

The Hunters: Jeffrey’s team is on a hunt for a serial killing suspect.

The Interspecies Society: Jeffrey goes undercover as a female cop in order to infiltrate a criminal organization.

The Insiders: Jeffrey helps his team solve a murder and then meets his partner and former colleague.

The Kids: Jeffrey gives his girlfriend a tour and has a great time.

The Little Busters: Jeffrey runs into his old high school crush, whom he’s seen on the playground.

The Man in the High Castle: Jeffrey joins the police department.

The Misfits: Jeffrey searches for a killer who may have killed his brother.

The Mole Men: Jeffrey is given the keys to a mysterious, abandoned building.

The Pals: Jeffrey decides to stay home with his girlfriend.

The Punisher: Jeffrey encounters a woman who’s willing to do anything for him.

The Sirens: Jeffrey discovers that his former partner has a secret.

The Sparrows: Emili and Jeffrey investigate a serial murder.

The Star-Spangled Banner: Jeffrey talks to his girlfriend about their relationship.

The Sword of Truth: Jeffrey confronts a man he thought he knew.

The Treasure of the Desert: Jeffrey sets out on a journey to find out what he’s supposed to do with the information he has.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Jeffrey finally gets the answer he’s looking for.

The Wuthering Heights: Jeffrey must confront his own demons.

The season 1 trailer