A photo essay of the greatest women in WWE

FourFourSeconds ago, fourThirtyEight’s Jeff Probst tweeted an image of a photo of Emma “Hercules” Granger, the former WWE Diva and WWE Divas Champion, wearing a banana costume with a “Hera” face on it.

The photo went viral, drawing a slew of comments, both positive and negative.

“I love the banana,” one person wrote, “but she looks like a big ol’ banana!”

Another commenter noted that it was actually “very feminine” for the costume to be a banana.

Others questioned why Granger would wear a banana suit.

“Is it because she’s a banana?” another asked.

“That’s weird,” another added.

Others chimed in, noting that Granger had already worn banana costumes before, including one with a banana face on.

But then the “Hex-A-Fella” tweeted a photo from her first match back in 2005 with the caption, “She looks like the banana.”

The caption followed a photo that had previously been shared on the website that featured a banana on a wrestler’s head.

Hercule’s banana suit is so retro that the WWE is now using it as a logo.

A photo of the original image has since been shared more than 200,000 times on Twitter.

“It’s really funny to see how people are reacting to this,” said Jeff Proctor, senior VP of research for the Sports Media Research Group.

“It’s a little bit of a weird thing to have an image like that and then be like, ‘Oh, this is actually something that has happened in WWE.'”

One of the things we’re seeing now is that fans are seeing it as something that’s very, very iconic and something that they want to go back and see, like, how that happened, how it was introduced to us and what it means.

“Proctor noted that the image was “more about what’s in the public domain and what’s the right thing to do,” rather than being a true representation of what happened.”

I think that makes it really powerful and I think we’re all trying to be part of that.””

I think that’s part of the appeal.

I think that makes it really powerful and I think we’re all trying to be part of that.”

Some of the most-liked tweets that came out of the incident are calling for Granger to be “removed from WWE,” but Proctor said that this is not an issue of removing her character.

“What the issue is is if it’s someone who’s not necessarily going to be allowed to do what they want,” he explained.

“If it’s somebody who’s trying to do that and they think it has to be done in a way that is going to not cause any controversy, I think they have a right to do so.”

As for whether or not this will be a trend going forward, Proctor is confident that it will.

“No matter what happens, I would say it’s gonna continue,” he added.

“The thing is, people are getting so used to the banana that if there’s ever any question of it being taken away, it’s going to become the norm.”