Why does it feel like Selena’s costume has been “removed”

There’s a reason some fans are wondering whether Selena Gomez’s costume was “remov[ed]” from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

While the actress has never commented on the matter, there have been reports that she’s not on set at all.

The New York Post reported that there is no “removal” of Selena from the film, and she is still on set.

“Theres no removal of Selina from Spider-Mama,” an anonymous source told the publication.

“They have been on set for weeks and it seems like they dont want to give us any details of what’s going on,” the source added.

“You cant remove her from Spider Man without saying anything.

She is a character and her costume wasnt removed.”

The costume was revealed to the world by Marvel Comics this past November, but it’s been shrouded in mystery since then.

The costume was the first piece of Spider Man merchandise to be officially revealed.

Gomez was first spotted on the set, dressed as a human, with her hair pulled back and wearing a black leather jacket.

The actor later shared a video of her in the costume, which is believed to be from the upcoming film.

After the costume was released, fans have speculated that it was removed because the costume looks too similar to the one seen in Spider-Verse: Sinister Six.

“If it doesnt fit, its removed,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan pointed out that Selena is actually the same character as the character from Spiderman’s solo movie, which was released last October.