Lola Bunny costume has hit back at critics

Posted September 13, 2018 08:04:08An Adelaide woman who made the popular Lola bunny costumes has come out in defence of her creations.

Lola Bunny, who has a history of being critical of the media, was recently criticised after she posted a picture of herself wearing the bunny costume at a rally in Adelaide last year.

The photo was posted on Facebook and the hashtag #lolabunny went viral.

In response to the backlash, Lola told the ABC she had decided to leave the internet after receiving death threats.

“I decided to get a little bit more serious and get back on the road and be a bit more normal and enjoy life,” she said.

“The people who do things to me I will not be getting into the same situation again.”

It is what it is and I am just not comfortable with it anymore.

“People have made fun of me, I’ve received death threats, I have been harassed online and I feel really hurt.”

Lola said she had never had any ill effects from the internet.

“If it bothers me I have to take it, it’s not my business to deal with it,” she added.

“What matters is the people who are hurting me.”

This has nothing to do with me.

“Lulu’s Lola costume, which was inspired by a photo of Lola at the rally, was created for the Adelaide Rally Against Racism on November 2, 2017.