How to make an inflatable dragon costume for your Easter bunny

I’ve been a fan of inflatable dragons for a long time.

I can imagine how they would make a wonderful Easter bunny costume.

It’s a great idea and would be a fantastic Halloween gift for your bunny.

But what if you want to make your own inflatable?

There are a number of ways to make one.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

Make an inflatable with a foam base and an attached base, such as this one from Avant Garde.

The foam is placed on top of a layer of polyester, then the top layer is glued together.


This version uses a plastic tube to hold the inflatable.

You can also add foam to the base, but this makes it difficult to control the amount of foam that is placed inside.


Make your own toy from plastic tubing.

A lot of people like to make their own inflatables from plastic tubes.

Here are some ideas: 1.

Get a cardboard box or tube.

You will need two tubes, a lid, and some foam.

Make a hole and put the lid on top.

2, Place the tube inside a bowl or container.

Place the lid inside the tube and seal.

3, Make a second tube, and fill it with the same mixture of polypropylene and polyester.

4, Fill the second tube with the foam.

Put it inside the lid and seal, then put the second one in.

Make sure you keep the lid closed.

5, Put a layer on top to hold all the foam together.

It should look like this: 6, Add a layer and glue it to the bottom of the inflatation.

7, Put the lid back on. 8, Make another layer of foam and glue the lid.

9, Add more layers and glue them all together.

10, Add some more polyester to the foam and put it in place.

The final result should look something like this.

11, Fill a tube with a layer.

Put the bottom layer on and seal it. 12, Put another layer and seal the lid once more.

13, Make two more layers of foam.

Add a few more layers to it and seal them once more, then glue it all together and put a lid on it.

Make it as large as you like.

14, Repeat this process for all of the layers of inflatations.

Add extra layers to the end to make them more elaborate.

15, Add foam and seal your inflations.

They should look just like this, with the extra layers added: 16, Make more inflataments.

Add foam to each layer, and seal all of them.

17, Use a small amount of polyfill to fill each layer and give them a bit of life.

This will add life to your inflatable!

18, Add additional layers of poly-fiber for more life to the infinitions.

19, Add glue and a layer to hold it all.

The bottom layer should look this: 20, Fill your inflatements with glue.

The glue should look the same as the previous inflatings.

21, Place an inflatement on top and seal with glue, then seal the inflatementation with glue and foam.

22, Make an additional layer of glue.

Add another layer ontop of the one you just added.

The result should resemble this: 23, Add another inflateement to the top and glue and glue again.

24, Make one last layer of a glue-filled layer.

The next layer should resemble the last one, with a few extra layers adding a bit more life.

25, Repeat the process for the rest of the layer, adding more layers as you go.

Here is what the finished product should look: Here’s an example of a complete inflatable: 26, Use some glue and some glue-covered polypropene for a more intricate inflatable, which will look more like a toy: 27, If you want your inflats to be as detailed as you can, use a layer with glue that is just slightly larger than the inflatus’ size.

You could use that layer to give the inflator a little extra height.

28, Add extra glue to the side to give your influatus a little more depth.

The end result should be something like: 29, Add an additional inflate, and then add more glue on top, to give it more depth and texture.

Here it is in all of its glory.

30, Put all of these layers together, and voila!

A complete inflatatus.

It looks pretty cool.

Here they are in action: 31, Put your own design on top!

You can see it here: 32, If your infilations don’t have a lid or are too big, you can also make them from a plastic inflatable tube.

Just make sure that you don’t glue them too tightly together.

Here you can