How to make a costume for a Halloween party

By: Matt D’Agostino and Michael T. NelsonThe holiday season has arrived, and in its wake, Halloween costumes are a thing of the past.

The costume trend has also taken a detour to other parts of the country.

In Wisconsin, for example, a costume contest has been held for the past few months to choose the best costume for the state’s annual Halloween celebration.

“This contest is so much more than a costume, it’s a celebration of the culture,” said Mary Lefebvre, vice president of marketing for the Wisconsin Costume Institute.

Each costume is judged by a panel of judges, who will receive a $50,000 prize.

According to Lefemvre, the costume contest is the best opportunity for Wisconsinians to celebrate the holiday.

She said the costume trend continues to grow in other states, including the Carolinas and the District of Columbia.

As of late October, the Halloween costume contest had won four awards.

The most popular was the “Black and Gold” costume, with more than 100 votes.

Other awards included: “A Halloween costume for everyone” by the Costume Institute, and the “Most Beautiful and Comfortable Halloween Costume” by Nylon Beauty.

You can check out the contest rules here.

Here are some other Halloween costumes to try this year.

This costume for kids was made by L.A. Girl.

If you have an idea for a costume idea for the Halloween season, email [email protected] with the subject line “Halloween Costume Idea.”

The following are some Halloween-themed costumes to get you started: The Ghost, the Pumpkin, the Witch, and many more.

The Halloween Ghost costume is available for $40.

The Pumpkin costume is $35.

The Witch costume is also $35, but can be purchased separately for $35 or $50.