How to dress as a fortune teller

It may not be a traditional part of Halloween, but one lucky person may just have their very own costume that will give them the power to bring luck to a whole new generation.

The best-selling series The Legend of the Hidden Door debuted on Amazon earlier this year, and the company is selling a $15,000 replica of a doorbell in its “Hidden Door” bundle.

Amazon says it has been able to recreate a number of doorbells and other objects throughout the series, including those of the family at the top of the story.

“This is the most powerful doorbell you’ve ever seen, and it’s a must-have for anyone who loves the show and wants to be a part of the show’s mythology,” Amazon said in a press release announcing the package.

“You’ll be able to play the part of a family member in this fun-filled adventure, as well as learn about the many doors in the house.”

The Amazon package includes a replica of the Doorbell in the show, which features a silver metal handle, an illuminated dial and an array of doors and locks.

Amazon also includes a poster with a photo of the doorbell and a message from the creator, who explains that the character is a “secret door.”

Amazon says the door bell can be used as an accessory for any number of different purposes, including decorating the home, as a toy or a way to bring fortune to a family.

The series has sold more than 9 million copies and is a smash hit on