How Disney’s ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ costume inspired Walt Disney’s “Willy Wonka” book

WILKINSVILLE, N.C. — — Disney’s latest animated film, “WILLY WONKA,” will be released on July 31.

The movie follows the famous candy-maker’s quest to build his most famous product, a candy-filled wagon that can travel through time and space.

Walt Disney is the first artist to write a book on the theme of Willy Wonka.

Disney said he decided to tackle the theme after reading a book about the man, and it was inspired by “WONKA: The Aladdin Returns.”

In the book, the aladdin travels back in time to help his father build his first invention, a mechanical clock that was to have been a part of his magic wand.

The aladdin’s quest takes him to the Golden Apple, the largest of the Seven Wonders of the World, and to the castle of WIlliam, where he meets the prince, Willy, and meets the evil wizard, Aladdin.

Disney’s new book, “Muppet Makers Most Wanted: Walt Disney and the Making of WILLY,” will come out on July 15.

It will also be available to buy online, at bookstores and online retailers, Disney said.