Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus ‘could have been a blockbuster hit’

A new video game has sparked outrage after it showed footage of a character wearing a wolf mask.

The video, titled Wolfenstein: The Old Blood , shows a man wearing a white mask that appears to be a wolf with the words “Wolfenstein 2: The Enemy Within” written on it.

The mask appears to show the character with his mouth covered by a fur mask, which could be an elf costume.

It was taken from a fan-made trailer that appeared to show a version of the game with more characters and more violence.

The Wolfenstein 2 character model in the original game.

The mask in the video appears to feature a wolf head and ears.

A screenshot of a fan made trailer for Wolfenstein 1: The Machine of Fate.

The trailer appears to depict the protagonist Wolfenstein playing as a human, but is actually a wolf in disguise.

The trailer was made by a fan called Kaleo, who also posted a screenshot of the trailer on Facebook.

It is a remake of the original Doom, the original Nazi shooter from the 1980s, which was also created by id Software, a studio known for creating the Quake series of games.

The original Doom had a large player base and a cult following.