When ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Beautiful Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Are More Popular Than Ever

With the rise of the Beauty and the Beasts franchise, it’s easy to forget how popular “Beauty” is in the world of Disney fandom.

Disney is reportedly the #1 film studio in the U.S. and has been on a tear since the beginning of 2016.

It’s no surprise that Beauty and The Beasts is still so popular among fans.

In fact, Disney recently unveiled an updated version of “Beautiful Beast” to coincide with the film’s 40th anniversary, and it’s now on the cover of Time magazine.

But is it the best “Beautys” movie?

When Disney premiered the new “Beauties” version of the beloved fairy tale last year, it made it clear that this was no ordinary remake.

The movie, directed by Joe Wright, stars Emma Watson as Belle and James Caan as Gaston.

For fans, it meant that Belle and Gaston were a lot more than just the good, kind, and wise Belle of the old film.

Wright has been a long-time fan of “The Lion King,” so this is the first “Beautytales” film to be remade for a “lion” reboot.

With Belle being so much older than Gaston, this remake could be a major departure for the franchise.

This is not the first time a remake has been made of “Beast.”

A new “The Jungle Book” movie, titled “A Tale of Two Kingdoms,” was released last year and included the voice of an older version of Gaston from the previous film.

The new version of this iconic villain had to be cut from the movie after the Disney CEO was forced to admit that the story of Gastons love for his sister and love for her children didn’t really work.

At this point, the Disney “Beaut” franchise has not seen the kind of popularity that it enjoyed when “Beautyles” first hit theaters.

Despite being based on the original “BeautY” animated series, the reboot of “Bats” is more of a re-imagining of the original series, not a remake.

The new “BATS” movie has also been praised by critics.

The film received an 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb.

It is being produced by Lionsgate and features the voices of James Caans, Emma Watson, and Kevin Hart.

A preview of “A Beautiful Beast” is below: