How ‘The Walking Dead’ Costume Became a Costume of the Year

From its origins as a series of animated shorts in 2002, The Walking Dead has become a staple of Halloween events across the globe, with costumes ranging from an “amazing zombie” costume to a zombie mask.

Here’s a look at some of the best Halloween costumes of all time.


The Walking, Walking Dead Costume (2002) This is one of the most iconic costumes in the franchise.

The zombie-like, zombie-puppet-like costume looks like a mix between an all-black version of the classic Walking Dead costume, as well as the iconic white walkers.

The only thing that changes between the two is the mask, which features an eye patch and a black wig.

The walkers are armed with chainsaws and chainsaws have become a symbol of zombie death and destruction in popular culture.

It’s an iconic look that’s now worn by the Walking Dead cast, who are now known as “the Walking Dead.”

The costume has since been worn by characters from every TV show and movie in the series.


Walking Dead Halloween Costume (2011) The Walking dead is a popular and highly-cultured show that has spawned numerous spinoffs.

The show has been adapted into two movies, the fourth being The Walking Stalkers, a reboot of the original series, and The Walking Out, a movie that stars Rick Grimes.

In both, the main character is a walking dead with a zombie face.

The actor playing the character has made multiple appearances in the show.

In this Halloween 2011 costume, the actor has given a chilling performance in a walking zombie suit, a move that is very similar to that of the actor in the Walking dead.

The costume is so iconic that it’s also become a popular Halloween item, and the Walking out actor’s likeness is worn as a key piece of the costume.

The original Walking Dead episode, “The Walking” features an actor who plays the character named Michael, and it was this actor who created the walker-like walker in the comic book series.


The Stalking, Stalking Dead Costume from the first episode (2004) A look at a more recent incarnation of the zombie suit.

This time, the zombie is a human-like character with a mouth.

A costume is also worn by Rick Grimes, who was played by Bruce Campbell in the first season of the show, which premiered in 2002.

A similar look is used by the character, played by Tom Cavanagh, who plays Carl Grimes.


The Walkers, Walking Out Halloween Costume from The Walkingout movie (2014) A very similar look, this time with the face of a zombie.

The same actor, Tom Cavagh, also played the character in the movie.


The Screaming Zombie from The Screamers movie (2008) A great example of a very creepy walker costume.

This costume is worn by one of Rick Grimes’ closest friends, who also happens to be the father of his son.

A more realistic version of this costume is often worn by celebrities like the Walking Man and the Whisperer in The Walking Papers.


The “Caveman” in the Screamers costume from The Fearless Girl in the Shadow of the Tomb (2010) This was the second Halloween costume for the actor who played the Screamer in Screamers, which was released in 2010.

It has a slightly more sinister look than the Screaming one, with a more sinister mask and the name of the character written on the back.

The most recent costume by the Screamera actor, Kevin Williamson, is a more contemporary take on the Scream, and has been worn as an ensemble piece.


The Last Stand of the Walking, Screamers Halloween Costume, 2011-2013 The most iconic walker outfit, which also makes a splash in the films.

The character of Carl Grimes wears a suit of full-face zombie makeup that is made from an elaborate spider web of chains and other items.

The mask features an orange skullcap, and is made of a plastic plastic.


The Witch in the Last Stand costume from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (1984) This costume was worn by Nancy Pinckney, who played Nancy Pinchansky, the lead in the horror classic A Nightmare On Elm Street.

This is the first costume by this actor to be worn on-screen, and his character has a large scar on his forehead that is visible through the mask.


The Mummy in the Mummy Costume from Dracula (1979) This version of a mummy costume has become so iconic in Halloween costumes that the character’s name has become synonymous with Halloween.

It was worn as the character played by David Oyelowo in the 1981 movie Dracula, which is also known as the “Mummy”.


The Zombie in the Zombies Costume from Halloween (1975) This mummies costume is an homage to the iconic zombie costume from the 1970s TV series.