Cheap Halloween costumes for the masses?

Posted October 03, 2018 07:13:16In 2017, we got a ton of Halloween costumes.

In 2018, the trend seems to be going the other direction, with some people getting creative and turning their costumes into cheap knock-off costumes.

Here are some of our favorite cheap Halloween costumes to wear for cheap.1.

The Halloween Cat costume.

A girl from the internet’s top geeky blog (and her husband) has been creating these adorable cat costumes for Halloween, and they’re absolutely adorable.2.

The Holiday T-shirt.

This one is perfect for Halloween parties, parties of all sizes, and just plain old cheap fun.3.

The New Year’s Day Holiday Costume.

This holiday costume is one of the coolest we’ve seen in awhile.

If you’re a fan of the holiday movies and don’t want to waste your money on a costume that you can’t wear for the entire party, you can always make a costume out of a Christmas tree.4.

The Little Mermaid Costume.

It’s Halloween, after all.

This costume is adorable and super-simple to make.5.

The Winter Wonderland Halloween Costume.

This one is super-cute and is perfect if you want to dress up in some pretty garb.6.

The Christmas Halloween Costume For the Family.

This Halloween costume is really fun and super easy to make, and it’s super cute.7.

The Black Cat Costume.

You know, if you need to get in some serious Halloween-themed fun.8.

The The Walking Dead Halloween Costume for Everyone.

This is a great costume to wear to parties or Halloween parties.9.

The Easter Bunny Halloween Costumefor everyone!

This costume can be worn for a whole day, or it can be a costume only for the kids.10.

The Haunted Halloween CostumeFor the whole family!

This is so cute and easy to wear.