‘Bones’ skeleton costume ‘the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen’

A skeleton costume worn by a mummy was a “horrific thing”, according to a UK photographer who took a close-up look at the costume and posted it to social media.

The images went viral after they were posted on Twitter.

“The costume was incredibly hideous and scary,” said the artist, Sarah Wilson.

“I’d say it was one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen, even more so than the mummy.”

She said she and her partner had bought the costume from a local costume shop in London.

The costume was made from metal and felt, and featured a mummy’s head.

The first photo, posted on the Instagram account of a London-based photographer, was shared by Sarah Wilson and her husband, Stephen.

The couple said they had seen the costume before on social media and had no idea what it was before the photographs were shared on the social media platform.

Sarah said: “It’s a pretty basic costume and it’s been there a while, so I didn’t realise it was something special.”

They also said they did not think they had any idea what to expect, as the costume is not particularly elaborate.

The photographer said she thought the costume looked like it was made of “just a handful of bones”.

The couple have not yet been able to find the source of the photos.

They said they would try to track down the person responsible.

“It has been shared on social networks, it’s gone viral and now we have to find them,” Sarah said.

“We’ve never been able go back and say, ‘OK, what’s the name of the person who made it?'”

‘This is a terrible thing’ It is not the first time a photographer has used the hashtag #Bones to share photos of the mummy costume.

Last month, a UK newspaper reported that a man in the UK had made a costume out of bones and that it had been shared by several people.

The man, who has not been named, told the newspaper the costume was for a Halloween costume.

“This is the worst thing I have ever seen,” the newspaper quoted him as saying.

“When I saw it, I felt sick.”

He said the costume had been made from “bricks” and was made to resemble a “dead” human.

“These are bones, these are teeth,” the man told the paper.

“They’re a real corpse.

It’s not real.”