A new bunny costume for kids from Australia

Kids in Australia’s south-west are celebrating the birthday of a bunny who died after being found in a plastic bag on a Sydney street.

Key points:The bunny, known only as “Jenny”, had been missing since August 4, and had been reported missing on at least five occasions in the last yearThe bunny was found in the plastic bag at a park on a busy shopping street in Parramatta, south-east of SydneyA spokesman for the local council said the bunny was “living happily and well” and that he was being cared for at a hospital.

“He was just a normal little bunny who had been left on a quiet street by a woman with two small children who were not looking after him,” spokesman Matt Pritchard said.

“But this weekend a passer-by noticed him lying in the grass outside a cafe, so he was taken to hospital and we got the opportunity to reunite with him.”

We are now putting up an ad for a bunny costume in our local area for children in our community, and if you would like to help, please contact us via the online form or on the contact form.

“Jenny’s body was discovered on a sidewalk on Parramaca Avenue in Parrara, south of Sydney on August 4.

Police believe Jenny may have been missing for a number of days.”

Jenny is being cared by a specialist medical team at the Parramacka Regional Hospital and we will continue to keep you updated on his progress as we get further information,” a spokesman said.

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