When Catwoman’s costume was revealed, it was an eye-opener

Catwoman was one of the biggest comic book characters of the 1970s, and her costume was one that everyone in the DC Universe would love to own.

The iconic costume, complete with a gold cape and golden mask, was a throwback to the days of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other DC Comics superheroes.

But when it came to Catwoman in the 1980s, DC was hesitant to make it official, and that left the costume’s fans to wonder.

What if it was a mistake?

Catwoman Costume Designer Howard Porter explains the origins of the costume in his newest issue of The DC Comics Reader.

(Photo: DC Comics)In the early 1980s there was an animated TV series called Catwoman that featured the heroine in her classic black and white outfit.

While the series didn’t have much impact on the comics world, it helped to inspire the Catwoman costume that would become the symbol of the DC universe.

“That was my first impression,” says Porter.

“I thought the costume was awesome.

I kept the cape off and the mask on.””

But I was still a little unsure of what the costume would actually look like, so I kept it under wraps.

I kept the cape off and the mask on.”

Catwoman’s first appearance in the pages of The New 52 series (May 1985) is an eye opener.

The character is now seen as the embodiment of a dark, evil and powerful force, and she’s in search of revenge on her former foes.

She’s not afraid to take on a darker identity, and has a more serious side.

Catwoman is a master of disguise and her mask is a reference to her alter ego.

In addition, she wears a cape and a black and gold mask.

The first appearance of Catwoman also featured the first appearance and first use of the term “Supergirl,” the name used to distinguish the DC Super Heroes from the Marvel superheroes.

“It was really the first time that we had used the term ‘Supergirl’ to describe a character outside of the superhero genre,” says Powell.

“In the comic books, Superman is known as Superman, Batman is known by his nickname Batman, Wonder Girl is known also by her name Wonder Girl.

That was something that we wanted to incorporate into Catwoman.””

Catwoman is in the company of other DC characters,” explains Porter.

As part of his book, Porter has also written an exclusive feature on the history of the Catmobiles.

“Catwoman was actually the first car in the world to be a superhero,” says the artist.

“She was the first female superhero in the history.

I think it’s a cool thing to have.

It’s also an interesting history, because you can’t buy a car from a comic book store in the United States.”

The history of Catmobilers is interesting, says Porter, because there are two main reasons for their existence.

“The first is to help support the DCU.

They were the first vehicles to be licensed to be sold in stores, and they were the last vehicles to sell in stores.

The second is because Catwoman became a symbol of female empowerment.

The original Catwoman got her start as a superhero and as a woman, it meant a lot to her to be able to have that symbol to represent her and her identity, but the fact that she had to wear a mask also meant that she was also vulnerable.

“And Catwoman wore the mask because she was vulnerable, and because she felt that she needed to protect herself. “

You’re not a cat in this world,” says Piper.

In his new issue, Porter dives deeper into the history behind the Catmobile. “

There are several other reasons why the costume is so iconic, but that is really the only one.”

In his new issue, Porter dives deeper into the history behind the Catmobile.

He explains that the design of the vehicle came from a series of ideas by a team of artists working on the first Catwoman, and the team was given the idea to combine a black Mercedes-Benz with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The two vehicles were designed to look like a futuristic, futuristic-looking vehicle.

The idea of combining Harley-Davidsons and Mercedes-Benzes made the concept for the Cat-mobile seem futuristic, Porter says.

“As you can imagine, that idea had a huge impact on what Catwoman looks like,” he continues.

“Even the original costume had to change a few times in order to be appropriate for Catwoman.

She wears her black cape in the 1960s and her golden mask in the 1970-1980s.

But there were many design changes that happened over the years.

In fact, the original Catmobile design was changed a few different times, but it never changed the basic design.”For