How Wal-Mart’s Halloween costume is actually creepy, sexy, and pretty awesome

Walmart is using the Halloween season to push its theme of wellness and diversity and its $1,000-a-head costume.

And it’s doing it by putting cute animals in cute costumes.

Walmart Halloween Costume is a cute baby and a baby dragon.

The baby dragon costume is a baby owl, a baby rabbit, and a little baby frog.

And the little baby owl costume is adorable little owls, and adorable little baby frogs.

As for the baby owl mask, it’s just a baby ope and a tiny little owl, and it’s also a mask.

For $1K, you get a baby bear, a little bear, an owl, the baby bear hat, and the little owl mask.

The baby owl hat is the only costume in the $1k-range.

For $10K, the family gets a baby bunny, a bear, two baby rabbits, and an owl.

Here’s the costume in all its baby owl glory.

If you’re not an owl lover, Walmart has this baby owl as well, but it’s a baby squirrel, and its a squirrel mask.

For a more traditional Halloween costume, Walmart offers the family a rabbit mask, a rabbit costume, a bunny rabbit mask and a bunny bat mask.

And for $40K, they get a bat mask, bat costume, bat mask and an adorable little bunny bat.

This kid is the cute little owl.

Walmart has also put together a $15,000 costume for a baby and the baby rabbit.

I know it’s kind of weird to give a baby a big bunny costume but it also seems like a really cute costume.

I would think a baby would be more excited about seeing a bunny than a baby.

The little baby bunny costume is cute little rabbits.

WalMart’s $1.5K costume is really cute and cute little owl, too.

Wal-Mart is also selling some really cute little animals.

You can get a cute little fox, a cute cute little duck, a cool little bunny, and you can get cute little cat, too!

The cat costume is super cute little kittens, too, but if you are a kitten lover, there’s a little kitten costume for you too.

You can get an adorable baby fox, cat, and bunny mask for just $30.

For an extra cool price, you can buy a cute kitten costume and a cute bunny costume for $60.

And that’s it!

The little kid costume is just cute little squirrels, and cute baby owls.

The Walmart Halloween costume has been in the works for some time.

The company has been experimenting with different costumes and styles for Halloween since 2012.

This year, Walmart rolled out the $10,000 and $25,000 costumes for Halloween in October.

It was one of the few companies to take on the challenge of incorporating more animal-friendly designs in its costumes.

Walter Isaacson, the senior vice president of Walmart US, told Business Insider that it’s something that he wanted to do in a way that was fun and healthy for all of us.

He said that the costumes have been a hit.

Walmart shoppers were especially excited about the $5,000 Halloween costume.

Walton says it’s looking to expand its Halloween line in the coming months, and Isaacson says he hopes to add more fun and animal-inspired Halloween costumes to Walmart stores in the next few years.