Disney costumes at $150,000 store, plus $50,000 for every 3-month anniversary

The Walt Disney Co. says it’s making some changes to its popular costumes at the Disney theme parks, including a $150-a-day, 10-day subscription option for customers with a “family or close friends” membership.

Disney Parks and Resorts spokeswoman Kristin Williams said on Friday that Disney employees have been asked to buy their costumes at participating stores.

Disney also will start charging for every Disney costume and will also offer discounted merchandise for new members.

“We know that some families and friends don’t have that much money,” Williams said.

“We know some families might be a little disappointed, but we’re not going to do anything that is going to hurt our ability to continue to provide this service to our customers.

We’re going to continue offering this service and it’s just going to be more affordable.”

Williams said the Disney Store at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, will also be making its costumes more affordable.

She did not provide any other details about the pricing.

Disney has made several changes to the Disney World Resort in Florida since the company announced last year it was raising the cost of a full-day pass to $150 from $140.

In March, the resort announced that all of its “furry” costumes would be priced $50 a day.