The Mask of the Phantom Stranger

Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year and one of the most important ones.So it is with all the attention it brings to the world of gaming, with the advent of the new game, The Mask, and with the release of a new game in the series, The Temple of Elemental Evil.The Mask ofRead More

A new bunny costume for kids from Australia

Kids in Australia’s south-west are celebrating the birthday of a bunny who died after being found in a plastic bag on a Sydney street.Key points:The bunny, known only as “Jenny”, had been missing since August 4, and had been reported missing on at least five occasions in the last yearThe bunny was found in theRead More

Which are the best dog costumes for Halloween?

The best dog costume ideas for Halloween are many.The most popular ones are those that will be worn with a mask, while some others are more daring.These costumes include the creepy and quirky costumes and the traditional Halloween costumes, which are also popular with children.The best Halloween costumes for children have been popular for yearsRead More

Which Halloween costume is the most iconic?

I’ve always loved the idea of making a Halloween costume, so I figured I’d take a look at what others have been up to and why it’s so awesome.The following are costumes from my collection and some of my personal favorites. 1.Halloween Hocus Pocus costume with wingsThe costume looks like it would have been made byRead More

“Wet weather: New Zealand gets off to hot start”

New Zealanders will be celebrating the summer with a big wet weather party.It’s a time to wear your favourite fashions and dress your favourite characters.The country is in the midst of a new season with hot weather and some rain, and that will be celebrated in the New Zealand city of Wellington.It starts on JulyRead More