Easy Halloween Costume Contest: The T rex Costume

This year, for the first time ever, all you have to do to participate in the Easy Halloween costume contest is be a little bit crazy.You just have to be an internet legend, a celebrity, a super fan, or just a fan of Halloween costumes, and your costume must be awesome.You could be the nextRead More

How to dress as your favorite characters in costume

Are you an all-ages fan of children’s costumes?Well, we’ve got the answer!If you’re looking for a fun, fun time to dress up, you need to make sure your children are dressed appropriately.Whether you’re celebrating the start of school, or just trying to dress the part of a young adult, these suggestions will help you out.1.GoRead More

How to get into the Cobra Kai costume

Here’s a look at the top 10 inflatable costume ideas.1.Snake Eyes Inflatable Costume by The Dragonfly – This is an amazing inflatable snake eyes costume from The Dragonflies.It looks like a snake on the outside and is also waterproof.It also comes with an extra pair of goggles.The costume is meant to be worn under a helmet,Read More

Celebrity Halloween Costume Contest 2018

Halloween costume contest winners are revealed, and you’ll soon be able to dress up in costumes of your dreams.Here are the 2018 costumes:Jack Skellington, creator of “The Simpsons” (pictured) and the “Sesame Street” series, will be hosting the costume contest on Tuesday.Jack is making his first costume contest appearance since he left the series inRead More

Why do pirates wear pirate costumes?

It was the summer of 1986 and the cast of The Pirates of the Caribbean was preparing for their biggest show yet.In the midst of the Great Depression, the crew was forced to make a last-minute decision: to go home, to their hometown of San Francisco.The plan was to film the show in their hometownsRead More

How to dress up like a princess for Halloween 2018

There are several costume options to choose from for the holiday season.From cute princess costumes to fun princess party dresses, this year’s Halloween costume trend is the best and most fun to wear.Here are some of the best costumes to choose for 2018.The Princess Princess costume can be worn with or without a princess hat,Read More

Why you should never wear your baby’s costume

I know, baby costumes are a bit weird, but they’re worth a shot if you’re looking for a little bit of glamour in your child’s outfit.It’s a little like wearing a bikini for your little girl but it’s not going to give you any superpowers or anything like that.Here are a few tips for avoidingRead More

What’s on your bucket list for Halloween?

We know, we know, it’s hard to choose a favorite costume for Halloween.However, if you’re a Disney fan and are looking to celebrate the holidays, we’ve got you covered.Whether you want to dress up as Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Snowman, or Belle, you can get ready with the most amazing costumes available.Here’s what youRead More

Fortnite Halloween Costume Contest to Go Live in July 2018

Halloween costumes are finally going to be on the big screen.In celebration of the holiday season, the Fortnites are hosting the Costume Contest, which is now live on YouTube and Twitch.The contest will feature costumes from Fortnition Studios, who have also made the video game Fortnix, and the popular Fortniverse video game franchise.In the video,Read More